SHO Books

Created by historians, for historians

(and writers, researchers, genealogists)

The world’s leading publishers of Scottish History have come together with TannerRitchie Publishing to create a major online library of the best historical research – comprehensive, essential and fully searchable.

What is Scotland’s History Online?

Scotland’s History Online (SHO) is an online resource jointly published by TannerRitchie Publishing, Edinburgh University Press and Birlinn Ltd.

It is a comprehensive library of Scottish historical books, peer-reviewed monographs and research published over the last half century, covering Scotland from prehistory to the present day.

A comprehensive library of Scottish History

Books, monographs and research, covering Scotland from prehistory to the present day.

Searchable in seconds

Search through all titles in seconds, saving hours and days or work.

Designed by historians for historians

Advanced user interface, designed to help historians work with multiple books at once.

A nation’s history in one place

SHO uniquely brings together a comprehensive library of history for an entire nation.

New titles added annually

EUP’s and Birlinn’s new titles are added each year, to keep you up to date with the latest research.

Rare and sought-after backlist titles

Includes extensive backlists of often rare and difficult to obtain titles, including primary sources like Scotichronicon.